Top web tools for small e-commerce businesses: How to make your phone go “cha-ching!” all day long!

The other day, during a blogging boot camp session with a client, we were working with some top web tools for small e-commerce businesses when first her phone, and then my phone both erupted with 'cha-ching!' noises. After the third ‘cha-ching!’ we both laughed and our discussion turned to top web tools for small e-commerce businesses that make that whole ‘cha-ching’ thing work.

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Applying design thinking to your small business strategic planning

Designing Your Life (Bill Burnett and Dave Evans) is focused on applying design thinking to build a well-lived, joyful life. Since so much of our work life is a part of our whole life, it makes sense to apply this to our entrepreneurial pursuits as well.

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Composing a good followup e-mail for a membership campaign for associations

How do successful associations convert visitors to prospective members to members? A good follow-up e-mail is key for converting a prospective member to a paying member. Once you’ve gotten your prospective member to opt in / sign up on your marketing list – whether by an offer conversion, a subscription conversion or some other method – you should work on converting them to a member, whether paid or unpaid, depending upon your structure.)

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Content Marketing Success for Small Business Owners

 What is content marketing success? It's creating great content that inspires, educates and motivates your customers to take action. Whether you'd like them to try a new product, learn how to use the products they have already purchased, or be inspired to use them, content marketing is the way by which customers find - and come to love - your business.

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Three big problems preventing small business owners from getting their social media marketing done and what they can do about it

What's preventing small businesses from getting social media marketing done (right)?  Entrepreneurs are tight on time and are usually in the practice of whatever their business is, not marketing. They know social media marketing is an important tool in their marketing toolbox, but they’re just not getting their social media marketing done. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you’ll be happy to know there are really only three big things that hold entrepreneurs back from achieving social media success with their businesses, and there are things you can do to help get it done.

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What Goes Into a Social Media Strategy?

You've been charged with (or determined on your own) to manage your organization's social media strategy. Seems simple right? Set up a few accounts, start posting, see results.

But that's precisely what will derail your company's social media success right from the start. As with any good marketing, you need a plan. And once you have a plan,  and learn to follow it,  you'll be able to see results and modify them for greater social success.

Let's explore what goes into a social media strategy:

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