Social Media For Online Retailers

While social media only accounts for a minor percentage of total retail sales, it has a major influence on customer’s buying and shopping behavior. Online retailers have a big advantage when using social media to market because consumers are now spending more time in front of their messages!

Using Pictures and Videos in a Blog

A blog should provide the right answers to buyer’s questions. Pictures and videos are a great way to visually express what you are writing about. When deciding on what pictures or videos to use in your blog, the most important thing is to keep it simple but unique. You want people visiting your page to be able to relate and easily grasp the content but also eager to come back and read more. Standing out from others can be difficult, that’s why having a blog that has unique pictures and videos can bring people back to you as well as attract other buyers to your page.

Choosing wordpress as a web development platform

WordPress is one of the most accessible web site development platforms out there. And it has some impressive credentials – it powers more than 25% of the sites on the internet. That’s truly amazing! Even software development companies use WordPress for their own web sites (and they’re software development firms!) Why? Because it puts the power of a great web platform in the hands of the marketing teams, and gets it out of the busy development and IT departments.