What Goes Into a Social Media Strategy?

You've been charged with (or determined on your own) to manage your organization's social media strategy. Seems simple right? Set up a few accounts, start posting, see results.

But that's precisely what will derail your company's social media success right from the start. As with any good marketing, you need a plan. And once you have a plan,  and learn to follow it,  you'll be able to see results and modify them for greater social success.

Let's explore what goes into a social media strategy:

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How to upgrade your WordPress web site to a new theme

Let’s explore how to evaluate and change a WordPress theme

If you have worked with WordPress even a little, you know that each site can look dramatically different by just a switch of themes. In fact, there are so many great themes out there (and some crappy ones) that switching themes should be a breeze! Evaluating and switching WordPress themes should come with some cautionary statements: “warning: changing themes could mess up your entire site….or make it truly amazing!”

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Great Customer Interview Questions


Two great opening questions to really connect with your B2B customers

The persona interview – interviewing an existing customer to create a profile of what they (and prospects that look like them) want from your business and your marketing – is critical for establishing what kind of content to produce to attract traffic to your web site and convert them to leads. The persona interview informs the buyer’s journey (the path that customers take to go from strangers to evangelists.) So, how can we set the stage to get the best information from our customer? We like to open every conversation – whether it’s a casual one or a formal interview with the same question:

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Inbound Marketing for Associations

A quick overview of how to get more association members and boost conference attendance
using inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the methodology that more and more corporate marketing departments are deploying. When someone searches online, looking for an answer to their current challenge, you want to have the best-matched educational answer for them.

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Using the free Trello app to plan your marketing editorial calendar

Trello is especially suited for managing editorial calendars because of this card flexibility. Trello’s based in Kanban style of project management (think sticky notes on a whiteboard.) We like the Trello card and board interface, and it’s ability to support visual items in a to-do / task format. Agile teams often use Kanban as a way to keep many people moving on large, complex projects, by breaking down individual tasks into cards (sticky notes.) If your desk looks like mine, you might like Trello too!

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Why your e-mail list is still one of your top marketing assets (and how to grow it)

Online retailing has seen big changes in the last 10 years. First came social media, then mobile commerce. But before it all, we had e-mail, which is still the internet’s killer app, delivering targeted customers to your site with regularity.

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